Becoming Mine

(A Nevada Bounty Novella)


After her father and older brother die, Ruby Jackson is left to support herself and her remaining family. But the employment available to women isn’t good enough. So Ruby cuts her hair, changes her name to Ray, and dresses as a man to get a better job. What she finds when she takes a position at a Virginia City silver mine is a handsome man who complicates her plans and steals her heart.


Miles Collins manages a silver mine in Virginia City. He’s one of the most eligible men in town but has a reputation for being gruff and distant. He’s a sworn bachelor until he bumps into Ruby Jackson on the sidewalk, and suddenly marriage doesn’t look so bad.


As Miles courts Ruby, she faces a dilemma; tell Miles about Ray and risk losing him, or make Ray disappear and hope Miles never finds out. Before she can decide, they’re called to the Montana Territory to help an old friend survey a new mine property, and along the way Miles discovers Ruby’s secret. Miles is betrayed by Ruby’s lies, and Ruby is hurt by Miles’ thoughtless rejection. Can they reconcile their differences and find the love they both desire more than anything?

Our hero has his work cut out for him. Action on just about every page.

Goodreads Reviewer

Engaging characters, a tense plot, and a fun romance.

Amazon Reviewer


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