IN THE HOOD (Tales from Beyond the End, Book 2)


Robyn Hayward leads a band of apocalypse survivors holed up in Trump Tower Chicago. She keeps them fed and alive, but the Parkers hoard supplies, unwilling to share. She meets Mac McGuire, Park Complex security, when she breaks in to steal meds. A surprise kiss helps her escape, but haunts them both. Then Mac learns zombies have overrun his sister's complex and he needs Robyn's help for the rescue mission. They make a deal, but just as things heat up their mission goes badly sideways...




At nearly 40, Jessica Jordan is certain her romantic shelf life has expired, and when her friends try matchmaking (so, so badly), she's even more convinced. But then she meets a new surgeon at work, and after a sexy game of Scrabble, she's eager give love a 2nd chance. Dr. Wyatt Cross is a widower raising 4 teens and rejoining the family medical practice in MN. He isn't sure he's ready to reenter the dating pool, but when he meets Jessica, Medical Records Manager, he's willing to dive right in.


FAERIE LOST (Forever Faerie, Book 2)

Dusty has withdrawn from the world of the fae to mourn the death of his mate, Willow. But when Sylvan the Earth Elemental stumbles into his life, running from the very man who killed Dusty's mate and who now schemes to capture all the elementals and steal their power for his own, Dusty seizes the opportunity to avenge his mate's death. The last thing he expects is to find new love or struggle with the guilt he feels for loving again.

Our hero has his work cut out for him. Action on just about every page.

Goodreads Reviewer

Engaging characters, a tense plot, and a fun romance.

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